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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Sho’ ‘Nuff

Is this turning into a weather related photo blog?

It Will Not Stop

Daddy Makes Pizza

Saw this tag the other morning in Brooklyn across the street from Roberta’s. Made me laugh.

Pictures Of Pictures

Aubrey and Jouyie asked me to contribute to the artwork (of one of the rooms) of the Ace Hotel New York. The room has a great view of the Empire State Building – but who cares about that really? So the process was this – I wheat pasted four 22×17 inch prints with the help […]

Ace Hotel NY Boardroom

Recently shot the Ace Hotel New York Boardroom.  I have never wanted to have a conference call until now.  That room is designed so well.  The center conference table that Matt Monroe constructed is crazy amazing.  The speakers against the wall are also a cool addition.  Once again, Ace Hotel doing it right.  Some outtakes…

Postcard From Ecuador

Last remaining pictures of Ecuador. And then moving right along back to NYC. Snow is so overrated.

I’ve Seen You Before

Graffiti in Ecuador is hilarious.  This one included.


Excuse Me

Most Least Likely

Monta̱ita, Ecuador Рthis little boy laughed at me, sang to me, then befriended me.