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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Brooklyn Via Bicycles / Loudmouth Louie

Been riding bikes a lot. I mean a whole LOT. Been staying around Brooklyn mainly, and not into Manhattan as much, but going south from here and seeing a bunch of neighborhoods I’ve yet to come across. Bay Ridge in Brooklyn has some of the raddest houses I’ve seen in New York City. Full on […]

Tasty Tacos At Taea’s/Tessa’s

The Thale sisters made tacos and we picnic’d on the roof. We ended up jamming the tacos into our mouth holes. BYOG – Bring your own Gnarly. Also, we drank all kinds of wine – Brown Wine (Whiskey), Red Wine (Bordeaux) and White Wine (Savignon Blanc). Joanna, Tessa, Taea, Chainsaw, Mike Slosar, Alex and I […]

Peekamoose Holds Frigid Waters

Drove upstate to two different towns bordering Woodstock, NY for the day to hang and swim. Taea rented a zipcar and we hit the road to two of the Catskills many swimming holes. Taea, Joanna, Joe, Bryan and I. I had a way way way better time than I was anticipating. Not that my friend […]

Rainstorm Riverhead Revisited

It rained a shit ton this past week. Damn, now thinking about it, this summer has been a wet one. Lots of rainy hot days, but not too hot. Not 2003 hot. That was crippling heat. This week was pretty busy with work…on location all week…kinda nice to not be in a studio. Anyways. Went […]

Chilibees / Muay Thai Michael

We were riding bikes back from Prospect Park to WIlliamsburg and all of the sudden it went from super nice out to downright hurricane status. Relax because this Hasidic man in South Williamsburg was apparently my Hasidic twin brother bro. I think it’s because he’s tall, like me, and has brown hair, like me as […]

Surfing With Dad, Flying With Heather

After the weekend in L.A., my Dad asked me to go surfing. For living within 5 miles of the beach my ENTIRE freakin life, and after being fascinated with both the lifestyle and the sport of surfing, I decided to give it a shot for the first time. I’m not good by any means, but […]


Continuation of my Southern California visit: So brother Chris and I left our folk’s place in OC on Friday evening and took Amtrak up to L.A.’s Union Station. Jess picked us up and we headed over to Silverlake. Ended up having a mellow weekend overall but had a great time and was able to see […]

Party For Matt – Wheelman’s Club

Happy Birthday Older Brother. Congratulations Matty on the job promotion at your Fire Department.  Los Angeles CIty Fire Dept is lucky to have you and I’m sure they’re psyched that Santa Barbara Fire Dept didn’t swoop you up when you were first hired. You deserve it, big time. Congratulations on also having an awesome wife […]

Tandom Bikes & Fruitbats

After the beach (The Wedge, Newport Beach) I went to Matt’s house on the tandom bike with Chris and hung with Matt, Sarah, Haylee, Luke and then Grandpa John showed up, which was, honestly, a surprise to us all. Haylee taught us her Fruitbat move in which she rolls off the back of her pink […]

Pretty Nice California Is Nice And Pretty

Went home to California last week to visit the family and friends. Heather Leather and I flew out, she ended up going north to LA and I ended up going south to OC. I ended up going north to LA after my brother Matt’s bday party and his job promotion party. The beaches in Orange […]