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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Face On A Bruised Leg

I drew this crap – Joanna’s leg bruise with a face.

Good Things Do Happen

Hey Babe!  Gotta Love Aretha.  Sweet hat. Barack Obama loves this “blog” or whatever it’s called these days. Thankfully this guy is our new President.  I have high hopes.  Times are great, not shitty like CNN reports. Stoneground 7 Grain

Hop Hop Hop

Mike worked at Legion the other night.  We might go over there every Monday during his happy hour shift to play some shitty mp3s from an iPod.  The Colonel also got a shower because he likes to shit then step in it.  So Gross.  So I wrapped him up in that towel and he just […]

Four Hearts In A Can

Joanna showing off her newly acquired head piece and warm animal vest. Jasmine hosted a cocktail party the other night – had a good time with Adam, Sadek and Bryan in this little couch room which only allows for mellow vibes.  Also saw Vivan, Cara, Jasmine and some other Tibetan drummers/chanters.  Very unproductive weekend, but […]

Icey Waves

What a week…  Didn’t get ANYTHING accomplished…  Waste of time…  Oh well… Weak In The Knees

Big House On The Prairie

Bang Bang You’re Dead

Stroh’s Before Bros

Bush Hoggers Yup.

Triple Beefstack

The dirty snow in Greenpoint, Brooklyn never seems to melt.  It’s just gross. My winter boots for this snow, maybe hunting too… Steve broke his leg, so he’s in a hunting store on wheels looking for a saw. Maybe the saw to carve his cast off ??? Gander’s Sporting Goods – They even give taxidermy […]

Me = Such A Waste Of Your Time

My Cracked Yellow Teeth – Seattle, Washington Leg Hair, Mandals & Shorts – Manhattan Sector Young Tino Buck Hunting back when Sweetwater Cafe was Sweetwater Bar. In my brother’s perfect world, everything would be written with this paperclip font. My dream boat, no pun intended. Pungle To My Cahiers Contribute To My Notebook

The Future Of Ethics: Ding Ding Ding

2009?   Nope, 1996. Orange Volvo wagon, sleek, stylish pumpkin riding on 4 wheels. The Colonel, is killing me – no I kill him. Everyday he sets his food miles from the bowl. Doesn’t really eat it, but then barfs… Mo’rrissey You know, Lower East Side hang out Girl.