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Payday Loans

Monthly Archives: February 2010


Who does this ear belong to? It’s hard to get someone who doesn’t know they’re being photo’d to sit still for 1 second. One of the Ramones was at his table.  (Marky)  How great of a combo is that?

Semi Noble

4 pictures in 4 days.  Chris Tina Melika Jarrett Lizzy were all here from SF.


Yeya took this.  This is the gym we belong to.  Absolute Power.  Absolute Janky. Oh Watertown, Nothing Much Happens…

An Old Friend

Club Littlegun

More pictures from PA.  More snow. The 602.  Badass. We lit these matches, not sure why it was so much fun.  But it was. Jon is the connect 4 master.  Unbeatable. The Cadillac looks like a Volvo.  Kinda sorta. Ash Wednesday

Renewals And Cancellations

Went to Jon & Katie’s house barn land.  The best place… all around us.

Sea Section

Kinda looks like someone I know.  Rachel Sumpter’s – The Romantic

Square Footage

The great American dude who we all know and love, Eric, put together a mixtape for When You Awake.  Comprised of 15 old(ish) country songs sang in other languages other than English.  It’s very cool, very interesting.  Download it.  Jon inspired me below. THIS POST IS ONE MASSIVE LINK.  ANNOYING, I KNOW.


This is some iPhone “app” created by Joshua Davis (artist, designer, and technologist). Not Joshua Davis (DJ Shadow). The word APP…  Sounds so awful.

Drink Up Every Word

iCamera iPhone iPictures Tommy’s new city sucks Colin’s surfshop is amazing.  Go take a look at it. Saturdays NYC. Me at Macy’s. Juicey Juice! Brooklyn Museum’s Egypt section Mack Boots