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Monthly Archives: August 2006

30 August 2006

We went camping – Alex DiCandia, Jon Greacen, Alex Muccilli, Mike Roberto and I. We ended up going to the Poconos, Pennsylvania.  Totally fun times indeed. This trip sealed the deal for me to buy my m’cycle. wtf?

29 August 2006

New m’cycle. Fast as hell – hauls ass and older than my lil’ brother. yamaha xs 1100.

16 August 2006

It’s now setting in…  This girl isn’t into me at all.  Why? this is my bike.

15 August 2006

David Appel is getting married in 11 days to Tanya.  The wedding will take place in San Diego on August 26. As of yesterday, I’m going. Congrats David and Tanya.  Best of luck and lots of love.  Make lots of babies. yes!

10 August 2006

Why do people play games with me?  Treat me as I treat you. No more game playing please. tell me, do you like me? if so, stay. if not, go.

07 August 2006

I’m sick and tired of this heat.  I’d like to stab it. where do we go from here?

04 August 2006

I’m getting sick and tired of some people. Side note: got new shoes. Vans. Chukka Boots. Dark grey with pin stripes, as you can see. Duh duh duh.tell that fucker to shut the fuck up. i hate this dog and this asshole on the poster. p.s. the heat is driving me up the wall.