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Monthly Archives: August 2007

31 August 2007

my brother chris and chelsea haylee sarah haylee and matt – cherry park, ET matt, aka bomarr monk, djing in SF kirk and brother chris – mammoth lakes, ca i have no idea who this girl is. i think it was her bday party. polaroids. old ones. don’t even ask.

22 August 2007

went bowling at bowlmor monday night. we played with some bros, some kooks.the kook in the dumb john deere hat was fighting over a dollar bill. we gambled, he lost, he got mad, he wanted to fight, etc. the next day colleen, taea, gurr and i drove to philly for the day. the mütter museum […]

19 August 2007

rode bikes to prospect park with adam, taea, tim, joanna and becca.sat around, drank beer, ate baguettes w/ cheese, some apples, etc.that park is freakin amazing. i wish i could pick it up and bring it greenpoint. then we rode back to williamsburg and went to steve’s apartment.just did some more sitting around and drinking […]

17 August 2007

no news is good news. right? looking from soho to midtown, day and night.

11 August 2007

this is what a corn kernel will provide you with. pure awesomeness.

08 August 2007

goodbye sweetheart haylee. goodbye dad. goodbye mom & steve. goodbye matt & sarah. see you around christmas.

06 August 2007

cristy, eric, amy, jessica, esther, and their friends. dodgers lost anyways. went to the la dodger game for some tailgate action, then baseball action.

03 August 2007

what a surprise – more haylee again. and newport beach.

03 August 2007

more haylee. and sammie. and elsewhere.

03 August 2007

we went and grabbed a pizza at good ol’ lamppost pizza.