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Monthly Archives: September 2007

24 September 2007

oh yeah, the bonfire aka the afterparty party.

24 September 2007

congrats to a great and successful marriage. alex dicandia and rebecca smith got married this weekend somewhere deep in pennsylvania.i got on a bus to easton, was picked up by jon. then we got in his folks car and drove there.later, after the wedding, we all piled in a few cars, went by the bars […]

19 September 2007

i had a busy past few weeks. had my mom in town, and then the following weekend chrisbrigham was in town for a few days and then tina flew in for their 4 year wedding anniversary.

06 September 2007

lovers, and twins. my kitchen in paris. seriously it was like 1 square foot. not that small, but pretty close. mike slosar, at berengere and loic’s place in paris. some more randoms.

05 September 2007

just fuckin beautiful. nothin more, nothin less. me on my crap ride. it don’t work right now…but when it does, look out easyrider. some images from our lurk session. the verb was the spot. it was a two hour longmobile phone talker that kept our attention. the girl in the vertical photo was talkingand talking […]

03 September 2007

alex’s bachelor party was held in the poconos, pennsylvania. jeez, some non-scandalousshit went down, and some total scandalous shit also. both. and sometimes at thesame time. i’ve chosen to leave some of the photos out for many reasons. maybe i’llshow them later. it was alex, alex, jon, stefan, balki, andy, rick, elliott and i.