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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Sprawling Garage

Sadek’s apt.  That’s Jon standing, Sadek sitting. Went to a “secret science club.”  Wasn’t that great.  SciCafe is better, sorry…

Cork Knots

James looks like what Tommy COULD MAYBE look like in 15 years. The Heimlich just got a whole lot sexier!! Poor Sandra…

Low Level Chill

“Knock this piece of wood over with the other piece of wood.” Yeyita left for a little bit.  Cannot wait for her return. Played Kubb at McCarren Park on Sunday.  It was a scorching 56 degrees today.

Pickup Trucks

War Paint, the band from Los Angeles.  Their drummer ripped.  Kinda Joe-ish. These jackass jocks wouldn’t shut up.  They talked the entire show so I started taking pictures of them.  I learned how to silence people in the crowd that won’t stop rudely talking during someone’s set.  Idiots…

Baby Ducks

Snow again.  Getting bored of the cold.