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Monthly Archives: September 2011

B-Boy & B-Girl

Was JG&KG now it’s J&KG. The wedding was so freakin beautiful. Pretty much perfect in every way imaginable. Have fun in Greece. Congratulations. Good night you two, congratulations and we dance off into the night thanks to Ella.

High Khhhh


Flew with Jess, Sue and Mark out to Denver, Colorado and then drove to Carbondale, just outside of Aspen. Quick trip but well worth it. Some pictures of the pre-wedding stuff. Jess took half of these. This is where the wedding rehearsal dinner was. Such a beautiful place on the river.

Street Side Body Shop

On my way back from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens I saw this true gem of a moment. A man and woman doing body work on their beater, and then spray painting the body, on the street, outside, in Williamsburg. Unbelievable.

This Is The End

Not really… Although Nitzan recently asked me to lend some artwork for one of his artists to use on his 12″ single release. I was happy to share. Nitzan is an amazing designer by the way. Here are the results. Photos by Edit. Buy Bye By Bi the album here.


There were so many great moments at the wedding and reception. The one above was just one of them. Everyone looked so beautiful and happy. Daniel took great wedding pictures and I’m sure many others did as well. Congratulations Lolo and John.

Lolo & John !!!!!!

The first dance. More soon.