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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Last Night Of The Fair

Costa Rica. March 2011.

Draped In Grace

John and Lolo are getting married.  In Costa Rica.  At La Finca.  So exciting.

A Cloud Nine Cloud

Away For A Minute

We drove with Mark & Sue to Jon & Katie’s home in PA.  The Girls had a baby shower to attend.  Us guys went to a shooting range.  Men are from Mars Women are from Venus?  Chicken soup for the soul. Dr. Phil. $13 to get into Staten Island?  It should be the other way […]

Sasha Little Blue Big

Jess and I took Sasha over to the little dog park near our place.  Blue is another blue nose American Staffordshire Terrior like Sasha, just beefier.  He could be Sasha’s big brother.