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Monthly Archives: March 2009

One Step At A Time – J.S.

Departed Alex’s place, in which my next Pennsylvania stop was Furlong, PA – Jon and Katie’s new place.  Fairly close in distance to Alex/Becca’s…but different in about everything else.  Furlong Manor has like 4+ acres to run around, maybe ride a 400cc Honda dirt bike (hah!), build massive fires, have loud as fuck dance parties […]


Spent a day and a half in Ferndale, PA.  Ella, Becca, Alex and I worked on the property to tidy it up a but and weed the groves so this years trees do well.  Good laborous times…gladly helped, truly enjoyed it.



Mighty Sea

My new plants.  I have 3 of these. So far, so good.

Chilaquiles So Good

Chilaquiles! La Superior in Brooklyn is amazing.  The lack of good Mexican food in Brooklyn (NYC kinda) is starting to change.  Natives from California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, etc, finally getting some love in the neighborhood with some tasty Mexican food. VINTAGE ANTIQUE RARE HARD TO FIND

Ups And Downs

I’m just thinking about you.

Dear Beard, Later Bro.




Grumpy Old Man

Spent a couple hours at Dumont Burger on Saturday.  Ran into Ben Netter, then Todd Netter and also Bradford. Two out of five Netters in a couple hours ain’t bad.  We missed Greg, Doug and the brother in LA. It’s officially Spring and it’s been nice weather wise.  Finally.


Palm Springs, Ca.  This is the standard cactus plant out there.