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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Nice Chicago Pt. III

I’ve traveled a pretty good amount in my life. But …… …. this last couple days have been the weirdest of them all.

Nice Chicago Pt. II

Then BAM! things got weird all of a sudden.  Lazor (laser) lights & fog machines. Bowling at Diversey Rock and Bowl in Chicago.

Nice Chicago Pt. I

Jess and I went to Lolo and John’s place in Chicago for Thanksgiving.  They were amazing – I could go on and on… Such warm, friendly, gracious hosts they were.  And was able to meet and hang out with Jules. We had a blast.  Thanks John Lolo Jules. Meat happened.

The Strange

Saw that fish the other morning. The smell of it about made me vomit. Tommy and Steph singing at that overhyped bar.  Why do people love that place? They Play Games But Don’t Play Fair

hh hh hh hh = light eyes

Busy night… Sophie had an art show in the city.  Then we went to see Bear In Heaven play at a packed Zubulon in Brooklyn – saw Bryan Brett Tim Bradford Jill Tommy Jon Jessica (Sadek’s Jessica took these two I think) etc.  I almost passed out, outside.  Weird blind deaf situation.  All better now.

More Drums, Less Horns

Sure Thang.

Sing Me To Sleep

We drove down to PA to Alex/Becca’s house for Ella’s 2nd Bday party. Always great to be around the PA folks.  Happy Birthday Ella!!

Squawkin The Squawk

Beverly Hills, Venice and then Hollywood – thennnnn back to Brooklyn.  Thanks Jon and Kate for letting us stay with you.  They have one of the nicest places I’ve seen in LA in a long time.  I wont name drop who used to live there but I’ll give a hint.  She has a one word […]

Talkin The Talk

Back up in LA for a couple days.  Was in Venice for a job, then back to the hotel. LA OC LA OC LA.

Walkin The Walk

Haylee Rose!! Liam!! Flew out with Jessica to LAOC for a couple reasons.  Main reason though is we have another THOMPSON on this planet.  Everyone meet Liam aka Diego.  Was able to spend lots of time with Matt/Sarah/Haylee/Luke and Barb/Steve and Dad/Suzanne.  Luke and Haylee (and Liam now too) are hands down the cutest kids […]