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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Droid Boys

Polaroids of the same game. Who are we?

Need Some More


The Will Of A Mill

KC and JOJO were in town for a few days.  Above is Percival, Steve’s new mill – 1,000Lbs+.

Hissie Fit

Damn this gummy snake. “World’s largest gummy snake!”

Premium Blend

Jon was showing me how to p90x.  Our legs are ripped now! Damn KATIE!  You beat the champ. From Jim Thorpe, we drove to JG’s place in Furlong PA. Went from an amazing place directly to an amazing place. Can’t wait to see the Opium Den.

Never Be Alone

Packer Mansion

Really Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe PA. I want to move there. Trying to move there. I will move there.

Keep In Mind

Bear In Heaven returned from their tour to a sold out show in Brooklyn. WELCOME BACK Dudes, and at the same time, Au Revoir. I’m wearing Jon’s glasses.  Jacob is wearing Jacob’s glasses.  Go figure.

Mountain Dü

The new hanging plant is finally filling out. Legs in a catalog coming out soon maybe maybe not. Coolest clothing store name ever. Other than this store, Baby Talk.

Prominent Parts

Jon Jacob Olivier had a yard sale today.  Went well I guess. STAV came by.  Miami Vice. This bike is still for sale if you wanna buy it.