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Monthly Archives: February 2008

27 February 2008

tina erin brown and lizzy came out to visit. again, more time spent at bars.we also went to the MoMA which was really nice…except that it’s a $20 entrance fee… off to morocco. can’t wait to see what it’s like in north africa. soon i’ll know…

21 February 2008

on president’s day, taea vivan and i drove down to philly for the day. then drove toalex dicandia’s new house in ferndale, PA. i ended up staying the next day as welland helped alex around his yard/property…then bussed it back home to new york. so happy for him and becca, and ella the baby too.

21 February 2008

sadek’s bday party at M Shanghai. his folks came into town and jon and emily philpot made him this amazing rastafarian lion cake.

19 February 2008

clem’s got weird and wild….

13 February 2008

off the wall! taea goes brown. not really. it’s been snowing/raining a lot lately. kinda awesome.

13 February 2008

next couple of days i hung out with the pals on birthday eve. then we went to dinner at COUNTER on my actual birthday. i lovehate being thirty two years old.

13 February 2008

i celebrated my birthday by going to see LIARS at warsaw a couple days early. they are fucking brilliant amazing ridiculous insane perfect. i had the chills almost the entire set. total fan nerd.

09 February 2008

alex dicandia and andy theodorou’s surprise bday party.

08 February 2007

HOLY SHIT !!! !!! !!! !!! liz cowie, ryan forester, julia, shawn, alex????? and i went to somenasty awful bar on 10th ave and 17th st. i’m sure we’ll be back soon.

03 February 2008

ahhhhh. adam charlie vivan. giants won the superbowl. but these three coordinated outfits. so they ultimately won.