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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

This probably was a Best Buy at some point.  It’s freakin HUGE in there… Ned’s Belt.  Too bad there wasn’t Ned’s brother’s belt in there.  Next time Ed… I choked up some Iced Tea.  Gross. Room 327.  Red Roof Inn.  PA whattup! Pretty much amazing breakfast.  Record needle scratch situation, but it’s all good. Eat […]

Mic Shock

Stavros, Chris, and Chris’ roommate all played solo at K&M. After the LIT debacle, Chris and Stavros hunted down a venue to play the show. Oh yeah, Stavros played a WORKOUT song blindfolded and it was sooo good. Good shows dudes…


I got a little love from NY Times – T Magazine Blog. They put a couple pictures of mine in there – Not a big deal. Click here, or HERE, or here but… NOT HERE!!!!!!!!!

Mosquito Vibes

Boner Cloud I’m taking a picture of Liz taking a picture of Taea taking a picture. Woodstock, NY – police car had the clever license plate. Spiritual “bling” This just doesn’t get old…….. Upstate NY – Catskills – I did a camping weekend with Taea, Liz and Alex. Happy Birthday Taea.

Calling Black The Kettle Pot

Ummmmm……… Mike’s BBQ that he got delivered……… Lizzie’s shoe on Mikey’s foot.  “Why do men love to wear high heels?” – Sarah Very Huge Heart Love.


Ace Hotel New York detail shots…

The Black Hole Ain’t So Black

Camping with Julie, Jon, Dani and Lizzie. Went to some beautiful state park in New Jersey with a lake. Jon gets a lot of airtime this weekend, maybe it’s because it’s his bday. Had a blast, as usual.  Jon took half of these… THARPST?  Tha Rapest?  Huh? I got Kubbed, inadvertently.  No pain, no gain. […]

Gobble Gobble Bitches

Went pitch and putting (What?) with Mike, Steve and Chris. “Hey Bob, let me call you back on the back 9.  Reception is patchy out here on the greens…” Then to Legion for DJ and Karaoke stuff. Tommy, Chris, Stavros, Caitlyn and Bobby killed it. Quite Frankly…

America Takes Itself Way Too Serious…

But we celebrated pretty damn hard. Straight up coordination… Mike had a BBQ for 4th of July.  Chris visited – good times. Badass. Shock!

All In The Family

South Street Seaport mainly… He looks just like Chris… Dos Equis: Most Interesting Man In The World Guy…. Group effort – we took these…