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Monthly Archives: December 2007

22 December 2007

oh the irony of kelly’s rental car… sitting here in orange county now with my family. nice to be back home to seeeveryone and haylee growing up and getting bigger. mainly photos of her… oh yeah, hung out with kelly too…

17 December 2007

the past couple days i worked for sebastian in yonkers, ny. got bonkers in yonkers.

17 December 2007

from stuart shining’s balcony. gonzalo photographed some model from here. pervy al the lap dancer. at the box – again, gonzalo photographing girls/guys. cab driver on west broadway. homie had a big grin for the photo. jeff & alex at barrio chino. freakin tasty food. worked a lot this week. worked a lot the past […]

10 December 2007

bowling last night. harsh early morning on the beach. then went to the marina.

10 December 2007

still in florida. lots of beach, metal detectors and massive booty.

08 December 2007

still in florida. went back to the horse track to watch the trotters. we gambled. i lost. other randoms too. fun times in florida. kinda.

05 December 2007

in florida now for work. as much as i’m not psyched on this state, it’s actually reallypretty, nice climate and great people (even though our entire crew is British…oh well.) chocolate chump.

03 December 2007

i’ll explain in little detail. basically christel came into town from paris. then went to see celebration and holy fuck play at bowery. then the next day worked a crazy janet jackson shoot in redhook. then woke up today and it was snowing. kinda awesometown.