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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Pink Panther

Just after midnight, we torched up the pink panther Viejo on the beach. Woah Nico… Good bye 2010.  Hello 2011.

Feliz Años 2011

Super Pad

Pacific Ocean view from back balcony Punta Blanca view from front balcony

The Days Of Our Lives

Our beach house’s backyard in Salinas Ecuador. Just beyond that open door is a stairway to the beach.

El Año Viejo

No, this is not the back lot of a Disney studio.  This is Salinas, Ecuador.  Viejos are these paper mache “dolls” if you will that are filled with fireworks and torched, or blown up, around midnight in Ecuadoran New Year tradition.  We got a Pink Panther “Viejo” and set him on fire on the beach… […]

One Gun

Red Crab

That is a cemetery.  Yes, on a hill.  Yes, stacked on top of one another. Click to enlarge.

The Plant

We all went to Juan’s plant and got a tour.

1/2 Bird 1/2 Lizard

Parque de las Iguanas, Guayaquil, Ecuador

South American Barbed Wire