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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Yippie Kayay Mr. Falcon


Oh Boy

Sat in the park with these people and some other people. Vietnamese sandwiches from that new spot on Bedford.  Not bad.

You’re Dead Wrong

Maine is beautiful. Might want to move there and live in a tiny beach facing Adirondack house. Ayy Ayy Ayy Ayyyyy. Ho.

Today Was Rad. Yesterday Sucked.

Mike’s rooftop was bonkers today. Sunny and hot, then windy and stormy. Ended up with one of the most badass sunsets I have EVER seen. BEAUTIFUL.

Newish: Well Sort Of

Yep.  Colonel Monro.  He’s winking at you.

The Celebration

These are the rest.  Thanks Joe for this chance of a lifetime. GO LAKERS.

The Game

Yeah, that is Lil’ Wayne above…  The posse behind him was enormous. Joe and I got some airtime apparently… 3 seconds of fame. Went to Orlando, FL for game 5 of the NBA Finals. Couldn’t have asked for a more awesome moment in my life – up to this point. 2nd row seats, just behind […]

I Know Who The Monster Is

Old Polaroids.

College Art

These dumb pictures came from college years.  Totally embarrassing. Matt climbing into Dad’s firetruck. Two rules that I broke.  No double exposure and no flair. A B C D F minus equals Fail.

Poverty & Co AKA Stavros

Went and saw Poverty & Co. last night.  Stavros played about 5 songs, all good.  Then Chris played, all good.  Then Jack (Workout) played, all good.  Workout plays again Saturday night.  Live, it’s unbelievable. Trust me on this one.