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Monthly Archives: March 2007

27 March 2007

chris brigham and the hitman. sexy outfit combo. you think that shirt is hers? turkish & domestic blend.

26 March 2007

queens, ny. nyc suburbia. my worst nightmare. well, here it is – some nerdy photo site.

23 March 2007

the portland wedding gang. world trade center, portland, oregon. hungover. drawing a bro-tee on randy guy’s hands/face. this might’ve only been funny to us. the end result of our immature ways. whatever, it was funny at the time. i was smoking a cig when my lil brother picks up a dead leafthat resembled a weed […]

20 March 2007

mom and the baby. haylee’s pissed – obviously. she wants to walkaround but grandma wont allow for that. sooooo mad at me. it’s funny and cute and sad that she’s crying. but it’s more cute than anything. look at those chubby arms. baby arms are funny. same with their little fat legs. what’s that guy’s […]

14 March 2007

drunk. at justin’s wedding. portland, or. liz, randy, myself, charity & ira. reverend jeff watching ira fake freestyle. ira must’ve had thismic in his hand for a good two hours. such a fun wedding. ira, again, with that damn microphone in his mouth. once again. raisin’ that roof y’all. abraham. justin & carissa’s son/dog. abe […]

08 March 2007

this is my wimpy version of the hammer and sickle. communism for wussies… at the W Hotel in manhattan – a photo of jessicataking a photo of herself. it happens a lot… funtown jess. partytown jess. drunktown jess. chris came to visit me on the 4th of july in 2003. i found a shovel onthe […]

07 March 2007

juicy juice nigglesworth aka justin doing his famous touchdown dance. final score – juice 7, randy 0. juice wins. justin – brooklyn bridge, behind him is downtown manhattan. randy – being randy. same spot. some construction cone at brooklyn bridge park. another construction cone. boring. congrats to justin and carissa. they’re getting married on march […]

06 March 2007

brother matt, darin, myself. outside of enid’s in feb 2004. looks like a band photo. matty and i in new orleans. again, february 2004. we were drinkingpretty much as soon as we got done with our 22 hour drive from parkcity, utah. harshest drive ever. wyoming was like -22 that day. eff that. psychic ills […]

06 March 2007

washington, d.c. washington monument, which looks like it’s miles away. chris and aubrey, in seattle. wasn’t tom cruise ina movie about not being able to sleep in seattle? seattle, washington, again. nice city they have.i heard it doesn’t rain much there… my cracked yellow teeth with sharpee pen. total fine art painting. happy birthday erin […]

05 March 2007

kirk, chris, mike and taea. williamsburg, brooklyn. post brunch hangover sesh. ryan green and i. at delancy bar in 2005. post shot face. ryan green and i, again. pre shot face. babyhead chris, me, carcass. probably at clem’s. on the chinatown bus from philly to nyc. got stupid drunk on thebus. then i fell down […]