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Payday Loans

Monthly Archives: May 2009

10,000 Light Years

Polaroids.  Shot over the past couple weeks.

Night People

Woops I forgot some of the pictures from Furlong PA aka Memorial Day 2009. J+K+8=FUN.

Party L’instant

Part Three.  Furlong PA. MAD FUN.

Starring Paul Giamatti As Kevin Costner

Part Two.  Furlong PA. More Fun.

Mirrored Cubes

Part One.  Furlong PA. Fun.


Behold, Couragious Collonel Monro A Highland, Hero, Turnd A Blue Goun Beau YES YES AWESOME

Oh You Know What You Want

Joanna’s backyard is quite overgrown.  Right? Saw a bright red bird in the backyard.  In Brooklyn?  Pretty bird’s exist in Brooklyn? Mom walking in Manhattan and some lady walked by with the same freakin bag.  The odds?  Rare to Ultra Rare.  This lady must’ve seen Mom and then HAD to show her up and walk […]

Sweet Sweet Yesterday

Palm Springs, California. Yesterday’s Paper.


Eat your heart out “extreme” athletes. This kid Danny MacAskill is the most badass ever and I don’t even like BMX!!! My first video on this blog – for a reason… Rad.

Maybe Start Again