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Monthly Archives: February 2007

28 February 2007

some thing that i drew. i like this little duck thingy. my “tag” on halloween. at some party in tribeca, nyc. kirk and heather at a bar in manhattan. heathertossed her biscuits that night in the cab… kirk was in town and we ended up going tosome record art party. lame, but free drinks. jethro. […]

28 February 2007

brooklyn, nyc. brooklyn, nyc. again. brooklyn, nyc. at sunset, obviously. duh. some images from my old place in bushwick, brooklyn. rad – not really.

27 February 2007

slam dunktown. new orleans. february 2004. williamsburg bridge from sebastian’s apt in brooklyn. april 2005. rod’s liquor. el toro, california. this place washeard to be torn down soon… say it aint so… ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………..

13 February 2007

this is where we live.

09 February 2007

this was one week to the day before september 11, 2001. so so so so sad… chris and i in portland, oregon. what the fuck? October 2001. chris and matt. this was my lil’ brother’s 21st bdayweekend in santa cruz, ca. shit, now he’s old, and 25. babyhead chris in seattle. again, october 2001.weird, two […]

08 February 2007

lisa’s bedroom. berengere slept on her couch so her daughter could have a bedroom. berengere’s couch/bed. paris, france. auto accident in paris. woops. joe the mouse. he ate some ratkill poison and rip’d. peace homie. more randoms. that’s all can provide until i get my paws on some digital camera. my bday party 2007.

06 February 2007

mockba 1980. that was my thing for a bit. moscow. moskva. moscou. my crappy old toyota truck was apparently a hit with the locals in santa barbara. same shit. different people kept placing these notes on my truck trying to buy it. margaret kilgallen painted this. it’s me, kind of. she did this too. i […]

06 February 2007

brooklyn, nyc. brooklyn, nyc. again. and once again. lil’ bro chris’ house in santa cruz, california. june 2004??? randy, chris and jin. looking out over san francisco. 2004? darin, matt and i. memphis, tenn. our roadtripfrom utah to nyc, via the south. feb 2004. chris brigham in san jose, ca. chris and tina were living […]

05 February 2007

alice, heather, and nikki. we went and saw telepathe, growing,and some other bands in some junkyard in brooklyn. july 2006. chris getting gnarly on my bike. brooklyn, nyc. july 2006. chris and jarrett, again in brooklyn. at that same junkyard in the back of some pickup truck. july 2006. we all rode to siren music […]

03 February 2007

some guy just standing there on his phone. not very interesting… some pink crates. again, not very interesting, i know… michael djing. a good times DJ, plays all the hits/jams. looking into brooklyn, over downtown manhattan. nice view i guess. same. midtown, same shit… this is getting boring, sorry. looking into new jersey, over the […]