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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Playa Coson

Best beach ever – in my mind. Practically empty, perfect water temp, crystal clear water, reefs, small break out about 100 yds. I even found a conch, with the jabba the hut guy in the giant shell – secretly kinda wanted to find him a new home, clean the conch and bring it back to […]

Happy New Year

Feliz Anos!!

Mermaid & Merman


Ate some Dominican food on the beach – the menu told me I was getting a typical Dominican meal – Bandera Dominicana “Dominican Flag” and it was chicken (delicious) with rice and beans (delicious). Jess got this lobster that was grilled on the BBQ. So damn good. Easily my favorite restaurant in the Dominican Republic.


Oceans waters waves

Giant Sand Flea

I didn’t take these obviously. Yeya did.


Get to the Dominican Republic asap

La Playa Bonita

Palm trees, sand, 75º ocean water, sun, clouds, empty beach = paradise Someone is having a rough day today…

Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas

Flew into Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, rented a car, got the hell outta there and drove 2.5 hours north to the beach. Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas, Samaná Penninsula, Dominican Republic. Go there. You wont want to come back to wherever you live. Here are photos of the drive. Next few posts are of the beach, […]

Greetings Earthlings

A new little cafe opened up in Williamsburg. How long will this place last? I hope forever.