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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Dark Vibe

Another great show by Adam Wills, Joe Stickney, and Co.  Aka Dark Vibe. Other than Dark Vibe playing tonight, today was SHIT TIMING.  My NUTSHELL.

Get Air. Bud.

Never seen this magazine in person, but I like these covers



Point. And Shoot. Or Click.

Farest Gümp

Jon, Happy Birthday Man. Not many pictures of the weekend.  Too busy laughing.  Most fun I’ve had, maybe ever. Gonna get emo for a sec… Jon and the PA people are the best people on the planet. Andy Maria Jessica Preeya Dave Alex Becca Ella Max Mark Sue Jon. And of course X-Ray Kiki The […]

Over It Fuck It Dude

Tommy and Mike and I.  Yesterday Zablozki.  Today Lieberson’s pad in Greenpoint. NO RULES DUDE.  NONE.

You Don’t Know Me

BEAR IN HEAVEN Tommy, Vivan and I went and saw Bear In Heaven last night.  Holy fucking shit.  Such an amazing show.  Best show I’ve seen of theirs yet… And Sadek said it wasn’t even their best.  This new album coming out is going to get great reviews, nice press, maybe the big time?  Selling […]

Bench + Shelves = Done

Sean finally delivered my bench/book & record shelves.  So happy with them… They weigh a freakin ton, but I’d prefer it that way.  Anyone need anything made… You get the freakin point……………  Thanks Sean.

Street Legal Retards

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. (unknown) Let’s just have some fun.  Let’s tear this shit apart. Let’s tear the fucking house apart. Let’s tear our fucking bodies apart but let’s just have some fun.

Legend Of Glennisms

Smoking pictures are retarded unless it’s Marlon Brando or one of those cool rocker guys. I’m clearly not one of those guys. Now it’s lit.  Inhale, exhale. Room 529 RITZ Four Seasons Lisboa, Portugal Polaroids (and non polaroids) from my trip to You’re-up.