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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Durty Durt Awesome Helicopter

baby breath vs. morning breath Out front of Vice.  Bizarre hat colors. Lizzo got her Green Card.  Although Green Cards aren’t GREEN.  Awesome! Liz hosted Thanksgiving 2008.  Nothing better than sitting around all day on a couch eating awesome food and sipping Beam.  Taea smashed Mike’s mashed potatoes into his face. A Light That Never […]

It Hurts To Make Me Feel Real

This night made my month – we did more adventuring in Brooklyn.  Had a horrible month on many levels.  Thanks Mike and Jon. ThingsWillBeGood.  EverythingIsOkay.

Styrofoam, Hot or Cold

Visited the family in OC.  Saw all of my parents but one.  5 out of 6 is pretty good in one day.  My wedding day will probably be the only time all 6 of my parents will be in the same room…if that day ever arrives…  Anyways, Haylee’s 3rd Birthday was the reason for me […]

Unbeknownst To Me

Barack Obama!  Hell Yes!  About time… We have a new President Elect.  Such a happy feeling to many of us in Brooklyn.  There were basically riots (well that’s what the Cops will tell you…) in our Neighborhood.  Finally feel proud to be apart of this…  The day after Election Day, I drove to Connecticut with […]

I Wanna Crunch All Night

Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Grossly Gross.  Hella Hellz!