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Monthly Archives: December 2009

White Balance Gucci

Tommy goes full circle.  Man to woman back to man.

U.S.A. All The Way

Not really U.S.A. all the way.  But a cool NY Times / T Magazine article on American style featuring none other than the Ace Hotel. Another newish T Magazine article with some of my pictures.  Jeez, I’ve been riding this one out for a while…

Bad Joke

TLL and I bowling.  Picture is from Vivan. Oh, the bad joke – from Chris H. Why was the Cheeto nervous? Because it was crunchtime…


She looks good in them jeans and shoes. Wait, what?  What’s going on with Tiger Woods?

Feel Good

It looks like I’m on a quarter operated kiddie horse or something. Big man on a little bike riding around Chelsea – lookin’ a bit Danish… Wild week all good yes sir.