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Monthly Archives: February 2011

One Footed Man’s Fire

While eating lunch today with Lolo, Nerie and Yeya, I look out the window to see a fireman crawling up the ladder to the building next to ours.  Sure enough, smoke was blasting through the window in 2nd floor apartment fire.  Fire engines, fire men, police, curious onlookers, whatever.  I was on the fire escape […]

Happy Birthday Sari!

Sari had her birthday today (yesterday) – Nerie and Lolo were in town.  It was Sari, Edita, Yonatin, Mark, Yeya, Nerie, Lolo, and I.  We celebrated at Tuffet in Williamsburg, a newish wine/fancy/beer bar. Surprise!! SURPRISE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…

Living In A Lightbulb

Nerie is in town for a few days.  Unfortunately, Jess was out of town.  I met them over at their “tini” spot on Ave A and 13th St. or somewhere in the East Village.  It was my first time being around the Nerie and Sari combo aka Snari. Lots lots lots lots lots fun. And […]

Yeya’s Sports Illustrated NYC

Yeya had her NYC event for the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit 2011 Model Search Contest.  After this even all the girls flew to Las Vegas for more work, long days, red carpet events, parties, media stuff, etc. She looked beautiful as always… She’s still in the lead but keep voting here. Final touches


My girlfriend Jessica is in the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT ISSUE Model Search. Please CLICK THIS LINK and VOTE FOR HER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN. We also made her a website – take a look at it. If Jessica wins she will be in the 2012 issue. THANK YOU ALL MUCH LOVE VOTE VOTE […]

Yeya’s Amurrican Eagle

Yeya is one of the faces of the newest American Eagle campaign and her pictures are all over Houston and Broadway in SoHo. You can see her standing there on the bottom right with her little yellow boots on.

Sasha + Lily = GGW

Cheryl brought her 12 week old British Bulldog Lily over the other night and the girls went crazy for each other.  This first picture is just hilarious as Sasha is like, ‘that ain’t your toy lady…” They went on to play for a couple hours and then crashed hard at the end of their play […]

Sign O’ The Times

Weather Climate Weather Snow Cold Snow Snow Cold So Tired Of This Seriously. Hey Look, it’s Andy and Maria’s Caddy.