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Monthly Archives: November 2007

28 November 2007

went location scouting in red hook, brooklyn for a shoot for this other photographer.met up with robbie the rapper who was the grounds keeper and showed me around.i loved the old crappy tagging graffiti that was all around the building. one reallyreminded me of a elementary barry mcgee piece…you’ll know which one.

24 November 2007

all veggie! thank god for that. these girls put this bangin awesome badass dinner together. rachel, lisel, taea and lindsay. thanks so much. thanksgiving 2007. we ate at rachel’s apt. taea, lisel & rachel provided yet anotherbangin awesome meal for a shit ton of people. this year was amellow 15 or so. last year there […]

17 November 2007

alex and becca dicandia had a little baby the other day.i went and saw her for an hour then went to see molly’sshow at the UCB theater. a great day. baby then complaints.

14 November 2007

weird shit went down the other night. not exactly sure how it happened, or whyit happened. probably because we had way too much to drink. jim beam is death. fun as shit though…

08 Novemer 2007

weird horatio sanz. a non dog. and a three legged dog. it’s no secret you don’t like me. i heard all the rumors.

08 Novemer 2007

nyc marathon. it was actually very exciting. gave me the chills –i know, that’s lame. maybe i’m getting old and am starting to get emotional easier…

04 November 2007

yoon yen pull. night time for sure.