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Monthly Archives: December 2006

30 December 2006

salton sea, california. one horse. irvine, california. two turtles. photo: dave appel. yorba linda, california. joe the mouse. queens, new york. white castle & church’s chicken. brooklyn, new york. $7???? i’m thankful for a lot of stuff this year but mainly that i acquired a bunch ofnew amazing friends. very very very very very very […]

29 December 2006

the day after christmas, jessica, esther and i spent the day in laguna beach basically fuckingaround taking lots of (funny to us) photos. laguna beach is basically paradise. i survived 2006!

24 December 2006

haylee rose my godchild – 13 months. el toro, california. awesome haylee again. eat those crackers. at oakland’s gross airport waiting to fly home. the colonel. new photos from the photo booth. happy holidays and happy freakin new year.

18 December 2006

some white couch in some studio in manhattan. colleen’s old pink room in brooklyn. a very cold spring day in brooklyn. vancouver, canada. such an amazing city. god bless canada. this is the night that “we” busted my brand new $4000 camera. rad. my brother chris and jin in santa cruz. detroit has an insane […]