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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Seriously Amazing

Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. I have nothing to say about this sign.  Nothing.

Cluster Of Cords

Went to San Francisco for Tina’s 32nd Birthday.  Got to see all them SF’ers, including my brother Chris (and Chelsea for like 30 minutes).  Spent some quality time (at a bar mostly) with my brother Chris which was nice since we never get one on one time.  I think that we spent at least 16 […]

OhMmGee !!

San Francisco for the weekend.

Guided By Wires

That AMC Eagle is sweet. It was parked out from of Michelle and Tristan’s place in Williamsburg. We went on a long bike ride – shit, what do you expect, it was 75 degrees, first day this year in the 70s. Tristan, Michelle, Steven Pan, Taea, Ben, Stephane, and I. All day bike ride. Then […]

Hungry Eyes

It is all good.

Three Quarter Court Press

La Heather & El Kirk

Major Dunce

Randumbs. Cattache, a portmanteau of cat and attache.  Duh. Craig Sager, the NBA’s best sideline reporter. I HEART AQ.  Funny but not at all.

Tell Me Just One Thing

Flip this bird.


1976 what a year for gliding. What the fuck do I know? Get Weird.

Rush Limbarf

Got a new shirt from these people in Philadelphia. Worst man alive. Bad Good.