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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Wind Hair Face

Yeya on the windy beach in Quogue.

Calm & Quiet

Before Irene arrived, we were at the beach out in Quogue.

The Swim Again

Doesn’t that sort of look like a skull? My bubble skull?

Happy Birthday Yeya

A few days before the “hurricane” a few of us went out to Quiogue, Westhampton, Long Island, New York. It was Jess’ birthday week so we packed up a couple of convertible mini vans and drove out there to relax and swim. Lots of swimming. Lots of grilling. Lots of fun. *Photos by all of […]


Jon and Stefan getting down and dirty on the truck. Also X-Ray hittin the chair really hard. This dude is a chiller.

311 x 2 = 622 MELT DOWN

Finishing this float. Mind you, it was only about 4 1/2 hours. Sandwich time.

Pretty Certain Splash

Crazy ass rope swing.


Why do we float? It’s really relaxing, calming, sometimes challenging. Andy was the first one in. Tubing Under (the) Influence – not really. Just Coors Light and a little Jim Beam.

Mighty & Majestic

Last weekend Pennsylvania Motorcycle Jon had his bachelor party DOWN in Furlong, PA. We floated on tubes for hours DOWN the ‘mighty and majestic’ Delaware River and ate lots of grilled meats. When I can figure out how to edit video I’ll throw some video up on this thing. So much fun. Jon Alex Andy […]

Crazy Core Cubed

More Red Hook photos – same shit different day.