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Monthly Archives: March 2008

29 March 2008

Omani flag. freakin sand dunes. these camels were caravaning in a pack of 50 or 60. lots. cliffs of Musandam, Oman. soooooo beautiful. Youssef our boat driver in the fjords. Persian Gulf. Al Ain, U.A.E. and Musandam, Oman. Fucking fjords!!!

22 March 2008

pear juice. woops. fish market in Muskat, Oman. went to Oman. Muscat, the capital is unbelievable. such a large combo ofmainly old, but some new. and the people were as welcoming to me ascould be. i’d say as hospitable as anyone i’ve comeacross yet in my life.also had the opportunity to stay in the nastiest […]

18 March 2008

from Dubai with love. lots of photos. all at once since i don’t have time to separate them out. totally insane here. Great food, great people, great hospitality, modern new world mixed with old world and i should mention the amount of construction. construction, construction, and moreconstruction. my 5th day here today. i’ll put up […]

12 March 2008

went to san francisco for erin brown’s birthday weekend. i love those people. thanks chris tina erin matt melika tiffany lizzy jarrett molly chris chelsea.

04 March 2008

day 3 in morocco. walked til’ we freakin dropped.

04 March 2008

day 2 in morocco. a shoot day. things went well.

04 March 2008

me with that nasty street monkey. matthew with the street monkey also. it’s will’s turn to handle this monkey. snake charmers. day 1 in morocco. marrakech, morocco. amazing, on all levels.

04 March 2008

i definitely look haggard. merle haggard face for sure. vivan’s bday…feb 27th… vivan, adam, taea, paul duncan, james, justine d., alex, sarah math, me.