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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Charlie Is Happy, The Captive Animals Aren’t

Went to the Bronx Zoo with Joanna yesterday.  It was actually much nicer and cleaner than I imagined anything in the Bronx to be.  Had a really good time and tried to not think about how these animals are born in a zoo and will never get a chance to see and live where they […]

George W. Bush

Miserable Failure

So It Just Occured To Me

Cute I wonder if Ansel Adams started out shooting yellow houses. School of Rock in San Francisco put on this show titled, Pumpkinhead which is a show that featured kids playing covers of both Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead.  What a great show.  Kinda gave me the chills at certain points when these little tiny kids […]

Damn Jean-UH, meet Dames Jean

Things getting weird.  Jessica and Alex trying to pull my underwear off. Not funny guys… Night of the actual 5 Year Wedding Anniversary, and the night of the actual Prom Party in San Francisco.  We all had a blast, as I’m sure everyone there shared that feeling.  My little brother never came by, not sure […]

For Sure Amazing

People above are people I love.  Still in San Francisco at Tina and Chris’ house.  It’s like how the Houston Astros have the Astrodome, and the LSU Tigers have the Superdome, well Chris and Tina have the FUNDOME as their house.

Prom Doesn’t Need To Be Just For High School

Happy Anniversary to you Chris and Tina.  Two of the best people on the planet pretty much.  You guys are my family.  Happy 5 years together, well with wedding rings on the fingers, and many many more to come.  Had a blast with everyone.  It was great to see all you guys, Johnny B, Jessica, […]

Lots And Lots And Lots

Lots of hangin out this month.  So far it’s been a super slow month for work.  August was good, September has been harsh times.  Only worked one day this month so far…ouch!  But above we decided to not think about work and think about how nice it would be to sit in Joanna’s backyard and […]

Mike Has A Broken Ping Pong Table

This last picture sums up the night.  It was ruckus.  This Labor Day BBQ that Mike Slosar had in Brooklyn was one of the best BBQ’s I’ve ever been to.  Not only was it crowded with friends, but there was ping pong, beer pong (which I played my first game yesterday). Also Mike was taking […]

Lizzo Has A Broken BBQ But It Works

Lizzo had a pre-Labor Day BBQ that was pretty much awesome.  It wasn’t as gnarly as Mike’s BBQ (Post Directly Above) but it was great. Many people we’re in attendance in which I wont show you.  By the time I located my camera, all the people except us diehards had left to either go to […]

Sisters DJing / Mike / 3.1PL

Sarah Math & Ashley Math, and Damien Rodriguez, DJ’d at Hanger Bar on Tuesday night.  Also, Mike Slosar helped me shoot this still life job for Phillip Lim at his showroom.  Super mellow shoot and actually was kinda fun to work with that team again.  Side note, I hope to have my official website pretty […]