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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Restrictions Apply

Midtown is weird.  So are little boy’s three piece suits. Jerry doesn’t seem well liked by his peers and colleagues… It’s No Bull.

You Wish

Back in New York.  Feels good to be back.

Date Farmers

Colors and Colors and Colors.

L.A. Times Bugged Out

I feel weird doing this… But shit, Los Angeles Times is a big deal and they gave credit to the wrong guy.

Vin Van Gogh

Bros from way back when.

Open Immediately

Palm Springs, California. Day 2 Perfect weekend, except everyone ended up with the flu. Shut Up Already

Dot Gain

Palm Springs, California. Day 1 Finish The Story Already

Big B, Little B

My new obsession.  Buck Hunter Safari Edition.  I mean, who doesn’t like removing extinct, exotic animals from the planet?  That’s a joke, duh… I want to be a tester for this game. Play On Player.

Skeleton Eating A Potato Chip

Joanna and I hoped on the Transbridge Bus to Ferndale, PA for the night.  Alex and Becca let us come down for the night – Jon and Katie also came over since they were in the “neighborhood.”  Neighborhood meaning somewhere near Ferndale, PA.  Anyways, it was amazing and fun and awesome and mellow – actually […]

Please Update Now

Brooklynski is some “shop” in Greenpoint that from the looks of it, is moving to Williamsburg.  I’ve seen this “shop” before and was always psyched on it…but I forgot where it was until I rode past it the other day on Driggs and N.Henry.  Other randoms.  Also, this guy was roaming N7th and Bedford Ave […]