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Monthly Archives: April 2008

21 April 2008

Vander on Nick’s little scooter piece on Dobbin St. Big Buck Hunter Pro at the Levee with Adam and Taea.Boney Tony, James, Paul, Joe, Kelly, Liz, Alex, Jon, Tim, etc. Fun few nights. New Caps!!!

18 April 2008

met up with chainsaw and sarah math at botanica. then went to the charleston to see martin’s band, the wild yaks.good fun party music. new tattoos also. horrible.

15 April 2008

amy staupe came to visit me. her and matt, both in the sun. krista arm wrestling her dad, my stepdad, at my brother matt’s house. dave appel also came down to visit us. he then drove krista back to laguna beach. haylee calls the measuring tape, “#1” boogs and haylee chris jumping the aliso creek, […]

08 April 2008

chris is a kings fan. i need to get over it. adam won $30. bla-dow! steve and michi at mccarren park. someone (not sure who) snuck 2 o’douls into the bathroom. why? big buck hunter pro! if it flies, it dies. if it’s brown, it’s down. chris was in town again. we were both sick, […]