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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Dentista Abnormal

Not the dentist, she’s not abnormal, she’s great, but the whole dental process has been a trip.  Jess & I got picked up on a corner in her parent’s neighborhood by our dentist, her mom and brother.  Then we got dropped off at the office and her brother brought in a parrot, in a box, […]

What Just Happened?

In an Asian restaurant called “Asia De Cuba” in Ecuador, and there’s a white power roll? Confused racist sushi?

South American Teeth

Dental tourism anyone? Yeya and I have been going for 3 straight days to the dentist here in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  So we both had appointments for teeth cleaning and checkups, and come to find out, I had an abscessed tooth and another molar to be removed, and had 7 cavities and 1 root canal.  Oh, […]

Boca De Pozo

Jess and I flew down to her parent’s house in Guayaquil, Ecuador for the holidays. I love it here.



Sometimes Sasha is catlike.

Been A Long Time

Tasha Mac at her dog park.