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Monthly Archives: October 2006

27 October 2006

happy birthday winston. i hope you have a nice day. drink lots of beer… erin kissing adam’s pumpkinhead, next to tim. i don’t want to grow up.

19 October 2006

the streets of new york are not good for bicycles. the above metal wire happened to make it’s way intomy chain/hub/gear on my bike today in brooklyn… hello? anyone there? hire me. please.

17 October 2006

brandon jones – 11 apple ciders in 45 minutes. painful… homie was a beached whale covered in barf chunks. poor guy… random girl walks up and says, “wanna see my boobs?” i didn’t evenanswer her…i just picked up 3 cameras and started taking photos. this chicken was walking around in the drive through lane at […]

13 October 2006

my new favorite bird, besides a crow.also,i really like the word CARDINAL.sounds nice… friday the 13th. eeeeesh.

12 October 2006

ivory eating that pterodactyl bone. R.I.P. matt and sarah at their wedding rehearsal dinner. and then that’s mom infront of the family house, the next day, day of the wedding. Feb 26, 2005. a super long exposure in santa barbara. dude. seriously.skidboot. that dude kills it. and too bad he’s going blind.

11 October 2006

some donkey that i’ll name charles, IV… i think he was my grandmafox’s donkey. not too sure, but i have the copy of the original. mike, malachi, kirk and i came to Union Square at like 7am,out of our gords. such a fun morning. we played soccer, tooknaps, hung out, talked, and then went home […]

10 October 2006

this lady is my favorite artist. well, at least top 3. happy birthday al. easy rider’s now 26. wow.

05 October 2006

index finger top. index finger bottom. middle finger top. middle finger bottom. so i had three bloody noses yesterday. chris brigham’s in town.we all went to freeman’s alley for dinner, then over to home sweethome and played some dice for money. we’re gamblers – truly outlaws.i walked out of the bathroom with a bloody nose […]

04 October 2006

my view from the balcony from 13 Rue Amelot, Paris, France.shit,i miss that apartment, that street, that arrondissement,that city, those friends of mine, all of the people, all of it. lions are one of the gnarliest jungle animals. A.D.I.D.A.S. – all day i dream about sex. i am a dragon, dude. i am also a […]

04 October 2006

blasting bullets through this stuff. old, pixelated, garbage photography… just missed it’s head but you can see the paint from it’s beak. so here are some old ass photographs. these were actuallytaken almost five years ago, to the day, from today. theseshots were from my industrial scientific photography class. my stomach hurts so bad. i […]