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Payday Loans

Monthly Archives: June 2009

Second Rate Schlub

What a fun night.  Legion with Mike.  Roberta’s for pizza.  Becca’s art show.  Hugs.

Rockaway Is Far

Far Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY.  Weird place.  Sketchy place. Awesome place.

On A Lighter Note…

Chris and I went to the Pacific Northwest a month after September 11, 2001 and had one hell of a time getting into Canada.  If my memory serves me right, we drove from Oakland, CA to Portland, OR.  The next day drove to Vancouver, BC.  Then back to US&A – to Seattle, WA.  Getting into […]

R.I.P. The Colonel

The Colonel. Yesterday you playing with my boot straps, today you had to be put down.  You’re whole life you could never quite get it right – even though you tried.  Stepped in your water bowl to eat your food.  Pee’d on your legs.  Hissed at yourself in the mirror.  Couldn’t really walk right.  All […]

Never Really Ever Stopped

Happy Bday Trish. Fun night, boring pictures.

I Appear Thru The Window

“eat your heart out Ansel Adams…” says this guy above. Randoms – birds fighting outside of Vice Magazine office.  I walked over to break it up and they flew off together.  Lovers quarrel. Joanna and Charlie. Went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  Basically went there for a few hours, just to take a nap on […]