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You’re A Bitter Stranger

White Trash Disguised as Holiday Celebration

Birdwatching while driving.

Matt organized a new tradition for the family… The Annual Uncle Mark Bocce Classic.

Winner shown below…

Sammy Johnson protecting baby Luke.

Or you could call it napping coincidentally near Luke.

David came over and joined us for the Kubb.  Dave is GOOD!

The winners of The Uncle Mark Bocce Classic are…

The Newlyweds!

After being wiped out from the Unlce Mark Bocce Classic, we had to go and do Mom’s yearly tradition of going to the Ritz Carlton and getting a drink.  So tired when we got there but ended up having a nice time and sipped on some nice Scotch.  How fancy…

We’re the Un-Royal Tenenbaums

What else would we do with our time besides play bocce, then kubb, then go get drinks at the Ritz? Had a great time in California.  Now it’s off to Florida to see Joanna and meet her folks.

I See The Epicenter

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