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Triple Beefstack

The dirty snow in Greenpoint, Brooklyn never seems to melt.  It’s just gross.

My winter boots for this snow, maybe hunting too…

Steve broke his leg, so he’s in a hunting store on wheels looking for a saw.

Maybe the saw to carve his cast off ???

Gander’s Sporting Goods – They even give taxidermy lessons there!

Wendy’s.  Gross.  Jon’s triple beefstack on the right…my nasty biz on the left.

Jon very comfortable (but cold) in the Captain’s Chair.

The reason for driving upstate NY was this certain pile of wood.

Steve helping – broken (fragmented) bone and all…

Our pile to load – One Cord – Dina didn’t help but she had a calculator.

Tim & Dina’s Wood.

The gold and we were cold.

Moving blanket as both a literal and metaphoric blanket.

So us four Woodsmen drove upstate NY today to hunt for a cord of wood.  Tim, our “wood guy” in Cochecton, NY, sold us a cord for $150.  We picked up wood for a few people, mainly us though.  Our homeboys/homegirls at Roberta’s Pizza needed some wood for their oven, Joanna needed wood for her chiminea and Mike’s Mike needed some cherry wood too for his fire pit.  So we drove north 106 miles one way, more miles on the way back.  Now we’re in the dead tree business – we deal in Wood.

Photography – nay.

Seasonal wood – yay.

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