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On Permanent Vacation

Adam, Sadek, Jon Greacen and I hung out Friday night aka all freakin day. All aboard the train to Blastville – it’s always an amazing time when I (we) hang out at Jon Greacen’s house. Basically show up, crank the jams up, open a beer, and let the talk about girls begin. This night as we were leaving Jon locked the front door to his apt and realized that his dumb keys were in his dumb apartment.  So my tall ass had to climb up his sketchville fire escape and try and weasel my way inside.  Between Adam Wills and I we got ourselves inside to retrieve the keys…  We rode to the Adidas Soccer Tournament the next day – semi-haggard and having a rough time talking to the crush girl – as usual. Rad Times in NYC. (Sadek Bazaraa’s pictures are the two yellowish night pictures…….)

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