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Tally Ho

Joanna’s set of wheels.  Blue Velvet has a lady companion now.  Needs a little work but I can take care of that this summer.  New set of tires/wheels, a tune up, etc.  Soon she’ll be back on the road.

This guy at a BBQ the other night in Chinatown was leaning so hard.  Lester on the WIRE, aka best show ever, plays another character on that show the Corner, but anyways, on the Corner, he calls that stance, the “Drug Fiend Lean.”  Run on sentence, but you get my point.  This leaner finally sat down and it made everyone feel a bit better that he wouldn’t be falling onto Bowery St.

Went and saw that new documentary about Mike Tyson, called simply, Tyson.  Amazing.  Anyways, afterward Joanna, Trish, Jon and I walked to the Ace Hotel here in NYC to check out the new lobby/bar.  That place is amazing, and again, I only have good things to say about it.  Kinda Bowery Hotelish, but less fancy, more us, more “on the real” aka affordable.  Although the Ace Hotel NYC has rooms ranging in price from $99 all the way to $999, The Bowery is my favorite hotel in the world.  Not sure why, I just have love for that hotel.  Ace Hotels on a whole though, best cluster of hotels and are great guys/gals running their show.

Stay By My Side.

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