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Rainstorm Riverhead Revisited

It rained a shit ton this past week. Damn, now thinking about it, this summer has been a wet one. Lots of rainy hot days, but not too hot. Not 2003 hot. That was crippling heat. This week was pretty busy with work…on location all week…kinda nice to not be in a studio. Anyways. Went to Clem’s last night with Taea, Chainsaw and his buddy Luke. Some dude got arrested out front of Clem’s, and it was kinda sad to see his daughter cry in the back of his car while he’s getting cuffed and put into the back of the cop wagon. Cops around this town are kinda not cool. Okay. Post Clem’s we went to Riverhead in LIC Queens. Kinda gnarly. Taea got on stage with a dancer and twirled around the pole. Serious laughs.


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