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One Footed Man’s Fire

While eating lunch today with Lolo, Nerie and Yeya, I look out the window to see a fireman crawling up the ladder to the building next to ours.  Sure enough, smoke was blasting through the window in 2nd floor apartment fire.  Fire engines, fire men, police, curious onlookers, whatever.  I was on the fire escape the fire escape taking pictures of the whole ordeal when I look down through the slats of the fire escape and I see a bare footed one footed man (with one real foot, one prosthetic foot).  More on that later.  So the firemen took care of the fire, threw a bunch of crap from the apartment out the window onto the street (not sure why) and eventually the police came and were questioning a Hasidic man and the one footed man – No relation I assume.  The one footed man was probably 65, definitely a Brooklyner.  After 30 minutes of watching the fire and it’s crowd, it was time for Lolo to head to the airport.  We walked Lolo to her cab, and in our building is the one footed man, leaning on our mailbox, he smelled like a campfire and B.O., was holding a kitten, had a dead kitten next to him on the ground – like newborn kitten, like freshly born kitten, and he looks up at us and says, “looks like he didn’t make it.” Jess was like, “are you sure?” and he says, “well there are 5 of them…”  It was just a bizarre situation and it made me sick, and this man had scaly weird skin, nasty fingernails, an infected earring hole in his ear, no sock on either his real foot or his wooden foot.  Here are some pictures…

This guy was definitely up to something sketchy.  The police came up to him and started asking him questions, then he would go consult his buddy – looking around, pacing around.  He was just acting sketchy.

I was trying to do some private eye sleuth work from above and take pictures of his text messages. Kidding…

What is saving rope?

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