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Payday Loans

Los Angeles, again. Then Hawaii.

Traveling for work = heartache.

Traveling for work = heartache.

Traveling for work = awesome.

Went to LA with Jason for a job.  Then to Hawaii, North Shore to be exact.  Didn’t see Rick Kane or Turtle, or Lance Burkhart but saw some kinda dick locals who heckled me at Foodland aka Dudeland for being tall with red pants on.  Drank more coffee in Hawaii in 6 days than I have in a month in NY.  Hawaii is beautiful.  But LA is too (I’m not kidding)… LA is rad, there I said it.  Some dude on the airplane back to LA gave me a Xanex and an Ambien and I thought I was going to have a breakdown – that stuff works the opposite for me.

No sleep.

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