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Invisible, Man

Got so burnt in Kentucky. (not that red, but almost).

Apparently the sun cannot penetrate through the chest hair.

I went down to PA to hang with Jon again.  WE MADE A BANJO!

Handcrafted in PA by DLT and JON G – basically took 2 hours to make.  Sounds beautiful… No measurements, minimal tools, about 10 screws, 4 nails, an L bracket, 5 pieces of wood.

Pure Appalacia!

In PA, we also rode the dirt bikes again on the premises.  Drove over to the Delaware River, hiked up a trail aka path then after seeing a couple of little snakes, hoped in the river and floated down a mile and a half, or so. It was so nice, so refreshing.  Came back to the barn and started on the BANJO project.  Cannot believe we made this thing.

Next project, a fiddle…

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