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Floor-Uh-Da For Christmas

Spent my time for Christmas in Florida.  Met Joanna’s family – super awesome people.  Joe, Joni, Sydney, Joe, Mark and Danielle.  Joe and Joe took me birdwatching on Merritt Island, which is on the Kennedy Space Center’s property I guess.  It was a massive piece of land with swamp, marsh – filled with all types of birds, alligators, pretty flowers and plants.  Palm Trees aren’t native to Florida???  Weird.  Then we drove over to the Kennedy Space Center. I have about zero interest in space exploration, I just don’t get why we’d do that, but nonetheless it’s very interesting.  I got the chills seeing the shuttles and rockets, and the command centers, videos, simulations, etc.  Thanks Joe and Joe.  Thanks McClures for such a great time at your home.  Glad to be back in NY though…being gone for a month isn’t too bad, it’s just that sometimes sleeping in your own bed is much needed.


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