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Chilibees / Muay Thai Michael

We were riding bikes back from Prospect Park to WIlliamsburg and all of the sudden it went from super nice out to downright hurricane status. Relax because this Hasidic man in South Williamsburg was apparently my Hasidic twin brother bro. I think it’s because he’s tall, like me, and has brown hair, like me as well.

Chainsaw and I drove upstate NY to Rhinebeck on Sunday to work a job with ***** *********. One of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen, been to, etc. So on our way back, we and then we decided to change drivers and stop and get a mellow meal at Chilabees, I mean Chili’s, I mean Applebee’s. VOMITVILLE, USA. So after food we tried to nap in the van for 30 minutes. After the nap, our van wouldn’t start (again) so Jon profiled some guy with a Harley Davidson shirt on and asked him for jumper cables. Sure enough, this northern hillbilly gentleman had ’em in his trunk (VW Jetta which was a weird car for a rural dude) and helped us start the van. Then this Tuesday Taea, Joanna, Alex, Nick and I rode bikes deep into Brooklyn. We took an odd route, but ended up at Prospect Park in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Bob Dylan was playing a show that night so imagine all the dumbass d-bags waiting in line to see the show. I love Dylan, but those guys LOVE LOVE Dylan. Lastly, Alex and Mike decided to get into a whipping war with a wet towel at the backyard bar (Maracuja). It was fun/funny, but it wasn’t mellow at all. Liz and her friend Matt about had enough and I thought they were gonna leave. Mike started Muay Thai classes recently and started kicking Alex in his legs and it looked like it was painful. Sure enough Alex did a pretty good job holding onto the Idiot Olympics Gold Medal. I lost my wallet today like a dumbass – riding from my apt to a job for Jason Nocito for U.O. in Bushwick at the McKibbin Lofts (GROSS place). Oh well.

Don’t Worry ‘Bout It.

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