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Brooklyn Via Bicycles / Loudmouth Louie

Been riding bikes a lot. I mean a whole LOT. Been staying around Brooklyn mainly, and not into Manhattan as much, but going south from here and seeing a bunch of neighborhoods I’ve yet to come across. Bay Ridge in Brooklyn has some of the raddest houses I’ve seen in New York City. Full on houses, with big yards, and covered in ivy, and surrounded by trees. “They” say that the nice neighborhoods in NYC, outside of Manhattan, are occupied by Policemen and Mafia. Seems kinda true… Some of Bay Ridge definitely doesn’t even look like Brooklyn, or New York for that matter. Been riding around with Chainsaw mainly, and Joanna a bunch too. Chainsaw’s been pretty much gone since November on his ’round the word tours with work and such. Also went to Coney Island the other day. That ride is pretty far. Maybe a 30 mile round trip, thru parks, thru traffic, thru parking lots, thru construction sites, etc. We met Louie, or what Jon named him, Loudmouth Louie. Basically sounded like and looked like a rougher, grittier version of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Sometimes I take for granted living a freelance life. Recently I haven’t. Still on permanent vacation…


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