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Boogs Got Hitched !!!!!!!!!!!!

Look how handsome this dude is.  My brother, you’re awesome.

Joanna, Mom, Krista and Steve were wayyy late… woops… (Bad Directions)

Mom looked pretty but our family dressed more as if we were going to a funeral, but instead we were attending the wedding of my brother.

ahhhhhhh, “cute” as Matt would say…

establish the rhythm Chris

Update: C/C got hitched.

As you can see, Chris and Chelsea got married.  They tied the knot, if you will, on December 20, 2008… I’m about two weeks behind…  Anyways, it was beautiful, happy, semi-sad, just what I expected from them two beautiful souls.  Chris wrote haikus for Chelsea, for us brothers, for the girls, for the parents, etc.  Afterwards, we went to Chelsea’s folk’s house and ate tasty vegan catered dinner, and then drank loads of wine and played music, made arts/crafts, and even did a tiny bit of dancing.



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