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Payday Loans

23 January 2007

pretty much the end of the night. out of 19
people, only 6 of us were up at this point.

melika and i dancing on the kitchen table in lake tahoe.
reason why we were doing this?.. chris’ 30th bday.

erin and i trying to pull tina off that kitchen floor.

not sure what i’m doing on the floor. way too
much buttery chocolate quervo tequila. yuck.

jess and i on tina’s bearskin rug in front of
the married’s fireplace. what the fuck???

chris posing with jess and randy on his side. we really liked his bday combo gifts of
the faux uggs aka fuggs and his “don’t hate the playa hate the game” size 3XL shirt.

even before we left for tahoe we needed to slug about
48 beers and 2 bottles of tequila. good idea right? yes!

nice fuggs. happy bday chris.

provacative chris – on the bearskin rug.

sexy jess – bear skin rug.

semi-homo erotic pose of mine. good times…

good look for 2007.

me, jess and chris. san francisco, ca. january 11th, 2007.
most of these photos by matt, tiffany, melika and jessica.

not very gnarly at all… yeah right. lake tahoe/sf was intense.
fun fun fun multiplied by 10 or maybe 100. debauchery for sure.

my pal mike.

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